At JTM, we offer a completely FREE OF CHARGE recruitment service to our employers. With our 5 step process, we can ensure that you will be provided with an apprentice of the highest calibre, and one that fits your description.

Our Recruitment Process


The 5 Step Process

(1) Apprentice Profile
We will begin by discussing your company’s wants and needs from an apprentice. From this we can devise a job description and a personal profile that will fit your ideal candidate.

(2) Create a Vacancy
Once we are sure of your ideal candidate, we will create a vacancy on the National Apprenticeship Service’s database. This will give your vacancy greater exposure and enhance the likelihood of getting your ideal apprentice.

(3) Screening and Initial Interviews
All applications will come directly to us, which means you don’t have to wade your way through countless CV’s and cover letters (we’ll do that for you!). We will screen all of the applications that come through, and then make a short-list of people which best fit your description. These select few will be invited in for an initial interview at JTM, which allows us to see who we think would be suitable for the job.

(4) Send the CV’s
At this stage we will send you the short listed CV’s along with a brief overview of our opinion’s at JTM. This will give you a greater insight into the potential candidate.

(5) Final Interviews
We’re almost there! Finally we will bring our short listed candidates for an interview at your head office. This will not only give you the opportunity to meet the potential candidates, but it will also give the learner a bit of an insight into their day-to-day life if they’re successful. Once you have decided on who you would like to recruit, we will enrol them on to the Apprenticeship database straight away to ensure that none of your funding gets delayed.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the calibre of learners that we send to you, we will run the process again, to ensure that you get exactly what you want.