Support at JTM

Trainers / Assessors / Tutors

Trainers, Assessors and Tutors are all available to offer support and guidance to learners, employers and parents/carers. Depending on the course that learners are undertaking, the Trainers are in regular contact, meeting on a one-to-one basis, conducting workshops and visiting the workplace (if applicable), in order to monitor learner and employer progress and ensure that learners and employers are satisfied with the service in which they are receiving from JTM. If there are any issues with progress to the qualification, they can be addressed promptly and actions put in place for both learners and employers to support development.

Pastoral Support

A number of staff at JTM deliver Pastoral support within JTM, which underpins the entire learner journey. Dedicated pastoral support provides another point of contact for our learners and employers, in order to monitor progress and ensure that both employers and learners are satisfied with the training and support in which they are receiving.

The overall purpose of the role is to:

  1. Communicate with learners and employers on a regular basis to ensure that JTM learners are receiving adequate support, and that they are satisfied with their progress and job performance.
  2. Liaise with designated assessors working with learners/employers to enhance the learner’s journey, to ensure that they are receiving the best level of service, training and support.
  3. Contribute to learner’s personal development as a mentor and coach, offering independent confidential advice and support.
  4. Offer support and monitor the progress of learners, intervening where necessary to help with learning barriers or personal circumstances that may affect their progress.
  5. Provide pastoral support and guidance regarding learner’s safety, safeguarding and wellbeing, by offering suitable information and guidance, signposting when required for additional support.
  6. Identify each employers/organisations designated Safeguarding Officer to be able to communicate with them when necessary regarding learner/s safety.
  7. Discuss the importance of inclusion, equality and diversity and promote equal opportunities for all.
  8. Contribute to the successful transition of learners when progressing to further qualifications, job opportunities etc.

Quality Department

The Quality Department is committed to ensuring that learners, employers and parents/carers are happy and satisfied with the service in which they are receiving from JTM staff. The Quality department closely monitor the service provided by JTM and regularly assess how we can continuously improve for the benefit of our learners, employers, parents/carers and external stakeholders. If learners, employers and/or parents/carers have an issue in which they may need to raise, they can confidently contact the Quality Department who will deal with their queries or concerns in a promptly and professional manner.

Complaints Procedure

You can find and download a copy of our complaints procedure by clicking the button below.

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